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Do you have something what you want to say to us or our students? This place is for YOU 🙂 Did you do something special during the time when you studied the Portuguese courses at Brazillink? Or did you meet a muse? Did you write a poem or a story in Portuguese? Have you said yes? 😉

This place is for you! Just do it! Let´s go 🙂 If you want to write some text, please remember, every post will be displayed after the approval by administrator. The maximum size of picture is 500kB…

Você tem algo que você quer dizer para nós ou nossos alunos? Este lugar é para você 🙂 Você fez algo especial durante o tempo que você estudava os cursos de português no Brazillink? Ou você encontrou uma musa? Você escreveu um poema ou uma história em Português? Você tem dito que sim? 😉

Este lugar é para você! Apenas faça isso! 🙂 Se você quer escrever algum texto, lembre-se, cada post será mostrado após a aprovação pelo administrador e o tamanho máximo de imagem é 500kB …

3 thoughts on “Blog for BrazilLink´s students :)

  1. Visita Barra:
    Enjoy a walk  in Barra, the beautiful neighborhood where Brazillink is located. Here you can see Barra’s lighthouse (Farol da Barra), the first lighthouse to be built in America. It is also possible to visit the Nautical museum of Bahia (Museu nautico da Bahia), which is inside the building, and see the great view of the Bahia de Todos os Santos. 
     There are many beaches in Barra. The most famous is the Porto da Barra Beach, located between Forte Santa Maria and Forte São Diogo (they are both interesting touristic attractions where you can see periodically art exhibitions), in a walk distance from Farol da Barra. In that beach you can swim in its calm waters, rent a board or a kayak, take diving lessons and much more. Also you can visit the Igreja Santo Antônio da Barra, a church that it is situated in the Av. Sete de Setembro, at the ladeira da barra.
    Barra is a great place to see the sunset, which is incredibly beautiful seen from pretty much anywhere along the sea side.
    Visit Ondina:
    Ondina is the neighborhood between Barra and Rio Vermelho, it is another beautiful place. You can see many beaches along the sea side, enjoy the bike lane and its great view. Ondina is where the main campus of the Federal University of Bahia is located, it’s a good place to relax, read a book, study at its library or just take a walk. Also in Ondina you can find Salvador’s zoo. The zoo is considered a reference in preservation of wild animals belonging to the Brazilian fauna and  threatened by extinction.

  2. Visit Rio Vermelho

    Rio Vermelho (Red River) is the heart of bohemia in Salvador. This neighborhood is famous for its bars and pubs, as well as its parties and culture. Rio Vermelho is the perfect place to chill, have a beer and enjoy the Bahian culinary, its possible try one of the most famous and delicious Acarajé from Salvador, in the Largo de Santana, or sit at a bar at the Mercado do peixe (fish market), or at Largo da Mariquita. There are also famous beaches in Rio Vermelho like Praia da paciência, a nice beach to relax, and Buracão Beach where is important to take special care with the ocean due its really strong waves and undertow.
     Rio Vermelho is also famous for its cultural events. There is where one of the most famous popular parties of the city takes place. The “Iemanjá day” happens every year on February 2th. This party is to celebrate the queen of the seas from the afro-brazilians religions and it became a huge event in our city. The Iemanjá’s house is open to visit every day, it’s a little house by the beach where people pray and bring gifts for the queen, and it is possible to visit at almost any time. Also there are museums and churches you can visit in Rio Vermelho. Another interesting place to visit is the Casa do Rio Vermelho, Jorge Amado’s house. It is a gallery that was built in the house that the great writer used to live wife his wife Zelia. There you can learn a little of their history and legacy for bahian culture, as well as see many of their books and personal items. There are many others attractions to see in Rio Vermelho which  is a very diverse neighborhood, it is definitely a interesting place to spend the day.

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