Our „FLEX“ course

Do you live in Salvador? Or are you staying in Salvador for a long time? Do you work or study in Salvador?

Don’t you have time for Portuguese classes every day?

Come to our BrazilLink – Portuguese Language School!! We have special course for you!

BrazilLink – Portuguese Language Scool offers “FLEX” course:

– two times a week,

– you can study Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday,

– the lessons start at 17:00h and lasts 2 teaching hours (2 x 50 minutes).

The minimum time, which you have to take to study Portuguese, is one month (total 20 hours).

For the improvement in level of knowledge, students normally need two months. Please remember, that this depends on student to student.

Or if you want to improve your knowledge of Portuguese more quickly, you can combine our FLEX course with private lessons. During the FLEX course you can study grammar and new vocabulary with other students. During the private lessons you can practice and enhance your new knowledge of Portuguese alone.

For more for more information contact us at info@linktobrazil.com.

We are in Barra, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil – we are BrazilLink – Portuguese Language School.


We are re-starting our FLEX group courses of Portuguese!

First day of class will be Monday August 8th / respectively Tuesday August 9th:

Monday + Wednesday: 17:20 – 19:00 – intermediate level

Tuesday + Thursday: 17:20 – 19:00 – basic level.

Please sign up as soon as possible. First-come, first-serve.