Teaching Methodology

Portugues in Salvador de Bahia

The best place for Portuguese study is at BrazilLink

BrazilLink is a Portuguese language school for foreigners that provides the students great interaction with the brazilian reality together with the learning during the portuguese lessons. We have teachers with years of experience in teaching at universities and language institutions and studying in and outside Brazil.

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Our services

Brazil Link offers Brazilian Portuguese language courses to students from all over the world. We focus on teaching efficiently and in a dynamic setting. We specialize in Brazilian Portuguese and we can prepare a course just for you.

BrazilLink – Brazilian Institute of Language and Culture – offers Portuguese lessons, including General Portuguese Courses and others, besides welcoming and support services, from your arrival until your departure. You can learn the Portuguese language and have a great cultural experience with the help of our dedicated staff!

Teaching materials

We use textbooks and other materials such as games, music, movies, audio recordings, videos and different types of text. Walkabout classes in markets, fairs, museums, historic sites, theatres and other places complement the formal classroom. For more information, e-mail us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Our teaching methods: listening to what our students want

Experience has taught us to pay attention to what is important to our students. Thus, our first objective is to develop each student’s practical communication abilities in the Portuguese language. First, we focus on talking and listening with understanding. Then we introduce reading and writing.


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Come to BrazilLink – Portuguese Language School. We are in Brazil, we are in Bahia, we are in Salvador, we are in Barra! 🙂