Cultural Activities

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Cultural and Social Activities

Check out our Portuguese lessons mixed with cultural activities at BrazilLink! To learn a language in immersion regime means learning how to speak with people from another country and also getting to know their culture and habits. That is why BrazilLink offers its students many cultural activities outside and inside the classroom. Brazil is full of different colours, tastes, sounds, architecture, lifestyles and traditions. Bahia, the cradle of Brazil, is no different – the entire state is famous for its distinctive cuisine, hospitality and the warmth of its people. There are plenty of popular cultural events, not to mention the natural beauty of the whole region. Have a look at some of the cultural activities BrazilLink has available all year:

Visits to touristic sites

We want to give our students a true cultural experience, so we take them to places where cultural traditions are still alive and authentic. We organize thematic tours and cultural activities that will open your eyes to a Brazil you never imagined.

Tours can be based around:

  • Natural Beauty
  • Dance
  • Visual Arts
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Gastronomy

Cultural activities at BrazilLink

Caipirinha class

Caipirinha is a national Brazilian cocktail, made of cachaça, sugar and lime. Cachaça is the most typical Brazilian alcoholic drink (also know as „pinga“ or „caninha“). BrazilLink offers free Caipirinha classes, in which the student will learn through theoretical explanation and hands-on practice how to prepare the cocktail.

Bahian Cooking class

Salvador has its own authentic cooking. Our local cuisine uses a large amount of sea food. The food is prepared with strong African ingredientes that are very popular in Brazil.

We invite our students to taste our rich Bahian cuisine while learning the basic concepts of its preparation. The classes are given by one of our teachers.

Movie afternoon

The students can watch Brazilian movies here at BrazilLink. At our movie afternoons, there’s always a teacher who takes part in these cultural activities, interacting with the students, while giving additional information about the film they are watching. It’s especially valuable in terms of the countless cultural references the movie can provide.

Want to know more about our tours? Contact us!

Brazilian rhythms: Axé, Samba, Forró and Swing Baiano

Dance and music can also be tactics to interact with the Portuguese language. That’s why we created the course Brazilian Rhythms. The student can get familiar with these rhythms with a very experienced teacher. The professional teacher will didactically show him/her the rhythm chosen, step by step. During the classes, the student will learn the body language of space, movement, and sound. The lyrics of the songs are learned and sung. The Brazilian Rhythms classes are a good moment to relax and acquire a little of the Bahian people’s typical graceful moves