BrazilLink´s Team

The BrazilLink Team

Our team at BrazilLink is made up of native Portuguese speakers with a university degree (some even have Masters and PHDs too!) All of our teachers have solid teaching experience and a knowledge of various teaching methods to adapt to individual student’s learning styles.

BrazilLink loves teaching our students and we take the responsibility to continually train. Weekly teachers meetings ensure our team are up to date with the latest material and methods and that the whole team is aware of the needs of our current students.

We believe it is important that our students feel completely comfortable whilst studying at BrazilLink so that they achieve their maximum potential. There is always somebody available to assist students: to answer questions and keep students informed about cultural events and entertainment in Salvador.


 Ana Cristina Burgos

Postgraduate Teacher and Director of BrazilLink

She has a degree in Portuguese and English with the respective Literatures from the Catholic University of Salvador (2005) and a Postgraduate in Methodology and Didactics of Higher Education from the São Bento School of Bahia (2007). She is also a teacher at elementary, middle, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has experience in Literature, with emphasis on Portuguese, English and Literary Theory.



School Cooperators

Cristina Leifer

Ph.D. Teacher of BrazilLink

Cristina Leite Dantas is a Doctor in performing arts. She has taught as a professor in ‘Portuguese for foreign students’ for students from University of South Florida, University of Virginia and Spelman College, Atlanta. In June 2014, she received a Certificate of Achievement from The University of South Florida for ‘Best Advanced Portuguese Instructor’. She specialised in ‘Psychoanalytic Theory’ and graduated in Psychology at Bahia University (UFBA). Her artistic name is Cristina Leifer and as well as teaching, she is also an actress, performer, director of theatre and cultural producer.

Lucas Rodrigues


Lucas at Brazillink

Lucas has a master degree from Bahia University (UFBA)’s ‘Portuguese Abroad’ course. He is a part of the ‘Center for Studies in Culture and Language Teaching’ and researches teaching and learning Portuguese as a native and as a foreign language. Lucas speaks English at an intermediate level and Italian at an advanced level. He has experience in teaching Portuguese language as primary and secondary school levels. Lucas graduated in ‘Vernacular Literature’ at UFBA. He is also a volunteer in language translation for PROFICI/UFBA.


Heide Duarte



Heide has been teaching Portuguese as a foreign language since 2013 and has worked in private language schools as well as in extension courses at Bahia University (UFBA). Heide graduated in Portuguese at UFBA and she has a master degree in ‘Portuguese as a Foreign Language’ at the same university. She also studies ‘Cultural Studies, History and Languages’ at UNIJORGE. During her first degree she worked on the research project ‘Aspects of Popular Portuguese in Bahia State’. Heide speaks English at intermediate level, Spanish at advanced level and French and Italian on a basic level.


Edna Leandro



Edna has been working with students from abroad for 14 years. She has just returned from living in the US where she had been studying for the last 2 years. Edna studied Portuguese and Literature at Bahia University (UFBA) and has spent 14 years working in the area of PLE (focusing on language variation, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics and phonetics; language, culture and international relations). Her experience was developed with a wide range of clients, including diplomats, executives of multinational corporations and international banks, teachers and trained professionals. She is highly skilled in teaching PLE to students who have specific difficulties in their learning process.