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We at BrazilLink – Portuguese Language School try to improve the learning of the Portuguese language. Together with our partners, we offer the opportunity for our students to engage in different types of activities. These activities will improve their learning performance. Cultural classes, dance lessons based on Brazilian rhythms, and our already-famous Portuguese on Stage course are examples of our succesful cooperation with our partners here in Salvador. Besides these activities we also offer surfing and diving lessons with specialized professionals. Learn a bit more about culture and language!

Learn a new language! Study Brazilian Portuguese at Brazillink. In the morning you can learn Portuguese, in the afternoon more about the Brazilian culture and history (Afro-Brazilian culture, Candomblé, Axé, Samba, Forró, Swing Baiano, Caipoeira), the Brazilian food (Moqueca, Feijoada, Acarajé), or just enjoy the beautiful beaches (sunbathing, surfing, diving). Contact us and we can help you with everything 🙂

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