Portugues in Salvador de Bahia
Courses at BrazilLink – Portuguese language school are one of the best options for studying Portuguese. Classes at our school, online or wherever you are! The BrazilLink team has developed its own didactic method based on years of experineces teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. We are based in Barra, Salvador.

On our Portuguese courses you never stop learning because our teachers, drawing on their in-depth knowledge play to each student’s strengths while remedying any weaknesses.

General Portuguese Courses

This is a course for those who need to speak Portuguese on the daily routine, with the family or at work. The classes consist on the practice of oral communication, grammar, reading and writing material.

The most used method is the communicative approach. By living real interactive situations, the student can learn the language faster and more effectively. The student can choose between our Group Course and Individual Course (Tailored Portuguese Course). 

Special Portuguese Courses – What is your real need?

BrazilLink – Portuguese Language School offers Portuguese courses for professionals that have busy agendas (Portuguese for businessman (in company); Portuguese for expatriates who live or work in Salvador.

Brazil Link offers Portuguese Course for Spanish speakers.

Combos – Intensify your learning experience

Combos are the ideal program for those who will stay in Salvador for a short period and have the need to make fast progress in little time.

The Combos consist of general Portuguese courses (private or in a group) in the morning with private regular Portuguese lessons, private specific Portuguese lessons and/or cultural classes in the afternoon, with a duration of 1(one) or 2(two) class hours.


The Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners (Celpe-Bras) is offered by the Ministry of Education of Brazil (MEC) in partnership with the Secretary of International Relations. The exam can be taken in April and October, it evaluates and certifies, in one test, Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate, Advanced and Superior Advanced levels. 

Conversation and pronunciation courses

The teacher and actress, doctor in performing arts, Cristina Leifer, offers, at BrazilLink – Portuguese Language School, the course of Conversation and pronunciation. It’s a Portuguese language course with emphasis conversation and pronunciation.

It has a strong focus on conversation and pronunciation. The course will enable the student to discuss on socio-cultural issues. It will also help the students to pronounce correctly the verb forms which contribute to a better pronunciation (the emission of sounds of phonemes and tone of words).

We are in Barra, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil – we are BrazilLink – Portuguese Language School.