Combos – Intensify your learning experience

Combos are the ideal program for those who will stay in Salvador for a short period and have the need to make progress in less time.

The Combos consist of general Portuguese courses (private or in a group) in the morning. Usually with private regular Portuguese lessons, private specific Portuguese lessons and/or cultural classes in the afternoon. With a duration of 1(one) or 2(two) class hours. The student can choose between the following Combos:


Combo I

When the student wishes to have the General Portuguese course (private or in a group), in the morning, and continue to practice what he/she learned during the afternoon, he/she can choose the Combo I.

The Combo I program, in the afternoon, gives continuity to the program of the morning lessons, reinforcing, intensifying and practicing all the themes already studied.

Combo II 

In the Combo II, the student may have General Portuguese lessons, in the morning, with specific Portuguese courses, in the afternoon, such as: oral communication; intensive grammar; and/or intensive phonetics.

The student has the possibility to more intensely practice aspects of the language that require improving. The teacher, due to the many years of experience on teaching Portuguese for foreigners of any nationality, will notice the student’s needs at the first contact, after one hour of interaction with the learner.

Combo III – Program of Language and Culture

By choosing the Combo III, the student may have General Portuguese lessons, in the morning, plus specific courses together with cultural classes of the Program of Language and Culture, in the afternoon.

The Program of Language and Culture consists of themes such as: Bahia’s regions and its culutrual attractions; Brazilian cinema; music: pandeiro or timbau; Brazilian drinks; history of Samba: dance and music; history of Axé:dance and music; candomblé; history of Brazilian cooking; among others.

The individual classes in the afternoon can be tailored to the student’s needs and preferences. The student is going to be dealing directly with the teacher during these classes. Then the student can choose the lessons’ themes according to his/her interests. It is requested that this choice be made during the enrollment process